Stasi files will count in ELA trial

Files compiled by the former East German secret service that contain damning references to two of the five suspected Revolutionary Popular Struggle (ELA) left-wing terrorists on trial in Korydallos Prison will be accepted as evidence, the court decided yesterday. Defense lawyers had contended that the Stasi files, which were passed on to the prosecution by West German authorities, were forgeries. But presiding judge Elissavet Brilli ruled that the documents were authentic and should be taken into account by the court. Shortly after the trial began in February, the court had decided to provisionally accept the Stasi files as evidence, pending a final ruling. Brilli said only those of the documents that had already been read in court would be taken into consideration, as the rest «contain no substantial evidence concerning the charges.» The files name defendants Christos Tsigaridas – who has already admitted to ELA membership – and Costas Agapiou, who has denied any terror links. The suspects are charged with involvement in two assassinations and dozens of bombings.