How to start our own green revolution and help save the planet

If everybody lived as Greeks do, not even three planets could satisfy their needs for natural resources. «The planet can’t afford so much consumption» says Chrysogelos of the Ecological Recycling Company. The challenge of the 21st century should be to achieve a better quality of life, decoupling development from the consumption of resources and energy, and minimizing environmental consequences. But that cannot be left entirely to governments. The Ecological Recycling Company and the SOS Mediterranean Network recommend that we all start our own green revolution in our everyday life. Here are some ways in which we can go about it: * Produce less waste and support programs for reusing and recycling paper, glass, metal, plastic, rubble, electric and electronic goods, tires, vehicles, mineral oils, batteries, furniture, clothes and organic substances (such as food waste and branches). One crucial step to take is to break the habit of using plastic supermarket bags. A cloth bag is handy for shopping and helps relieve landfills of thousands of tons of plastic. * Choosing local organic produce helps limit pollution caused by fertilizers and pesticides, while protecting our health, water and soil, local wealth and genetic variety, by allowing the countryside to develop in sustainable fashion. * Don’t waste energy. Saving energy helps protect not only the environment but our own pockets. For the same reason, use renewable energy. Why not heat your water for free by investing in a solar heater? * Don’t waste water. Turn off taps that are not in use in the kitchen, toilet and yard. Collect rainwater for plants and washing. Exert pressure for large-scale water recycling programs and the creation of double grids, one for potable water and one for recycled water. This can reduce water consumption by 30-40 percent. * Cut back on car trips and use public transport instead. This reduces urban traffic congestion and emission of pollutants, improves the atmosphere, and upgrades cities and our own quality of life.