Patient knifes nurse at Athens’s Red Cross Hospital


The national union of hospital workers (POEDIN) raised the alarm on Thursday with regard to hospital staff security after a nurse was stabbed by a patient at Athens’s Red Cross (Erythros Stavros) Hospital.

In a statement, POEDIN said the perpetrator, who had undergone surgery, left hospital last Friday before being discharged by doctors but returned on Monday and “ambushed“ a head nurse, stabbing her in the thigh.

The man was disarmed by two police officers that were nearby guarding a patient who was a prisoner.

The nurse was hospitalized for two days.

POEDIN also accused the hospital’s director of “doing nothing” after the incident and failing to publicize the incident, instead urging staff to remain silent on the issue.

It said that lax security at state hospitals is putting the lives of hospital staff in danger.