The battle of the ratings game

When ratings are down, reality show producers will «plant» new elements to get the numbers back up. For «The Farm,» for example, Mega Channel recently sent the host of «Wonderful Morning World» down to Sparta to interview the players, while also showing scenes from that game and from «Super Idol» on the youth program «Backstage.» According to the television rating service AGB, «The Farm,» with 906,000 viewers, most of which are women 45-64 years old, has a market share of 25.3 percent. Women also appear to prefer the weekly talent show «Super Idol» on Mega Channel, which has 848,000 viewers, or 23.5 percent of the market share. «Fame Story» is by far the most successful reality show on television right now with an average 12.7-22.3 percent of the market share on weekdays and 42.5 percent on Saturdays and Sundays. This means that while 1,176,000 people watch it regularly midweek, on Sundays, 1,650,000 viewers tune in to Antenna for the special «Fame Story in Concert.» The record was broken on May 25, two days after a bomb scare on the show, when 1,992,000 viewers (or a 50.5 percent share) watched Savinna Lois leave the show. Other than the established daily appearance of players on Monday’s morning show «Morning Coffee,» Antenna also presents players from last year’s «Fame Story» on the lifestyle show «Katse Kala» in order to boost their careers. However, other television stations are also tuning in to «Fame Story» fever, with former players appearing on shows such as «Ola 2004» and «I Can» on Alpha.