Anarchists try to crash SYRIZA meeting


About 30 members of the self-styled “anarchist collective” Rouvikonas (Rubicon) tried to enter a local SYRIZA meeting at Athens' western suburb of Egaleo, but were held back by police.

The anarchists unfurled a banner and threw leaflets proclaiming “Neither blank nor spoiled (votes) – Abstention and self-organizing,” referring to the upcoming national election, to be held by October 2019 at the latest.

The meeting, celebrating four years of SYRIZA government, went on uninterrupted. Keynote speakers were Attica region Governor Rena Dourou and Minister of Migration Policy Dimitis Vitsas.

Leaflet throwing is the usual way the Rouvikonas group operate in their sudden appearances targeting, among others, embassies, businesses and the Parliament. Sometimes, they also throw paint and inflict some damage.