Prosecutor calls for school cleaner to be exonerated


A Supreme Court prosecutor on Wednesday proposed the exoneration of a school cleaner who was given a 10-year prison sentence for falsifying her elementary school certificate.

Addressing a hearing of the 54-year-old cleaner’s appeal against the sentence, deputy prosecutor Olga Smyrli indicated that the woman should not be punished under laws aimed at punishing those found guilty of defrauding the state because her offense was a “one-off and not continuous.”

The cleaner, whose sentence has been suspended pending her appeal, told reporters outside the courthouse that she was eager to go back to work and sorry for her offense, which she said she committed in order to support her children.

Meanwhile, it emerged that the Supreme Court has already revoked a sentence against another cleaner from Chios who was given a six-month suspended prison sentence for a similar case of forgery that cost her her job.