Two men charged over abduction in Sifnos


A prosecutor on the island of Syros on Tuesday charged two men with abduction, blackmail, dangerous bodily harm, forgery and illegal residence in the country over their alleged role in the kidnapping of a third individual on Sifnos last week.

The two suspects, who have been identified as Pakistani nationals, arrived on the island by ship late on February 5 and abducted a 26-year-old fellow countryman from his home.

According to the preliminary investigation, the alleged abductors, aged 42 and 23, held their victim inside a small shed at a remote location of northern Sifnos where he was beaten up.

They made him call his family in Pakistan from whom they demanded 4,000 euros as ransom. However, his family alerted another Pakistani national on the island who called the police.

Authorities are searching for one more person who they believe participated in the crime. The victim was transferred to the local health center where he received medical care.