Cleaner in Ioannina convicted to eight years over forged school certificate


A cleaner was convicted to eight years in prison for forging her elementary school certificate to get a job at the hospital in Ioannina, northwestern Greece, it emerged on Thursday.

The woman, a mother of 13 children, was also convicted for making a false statement in order to profit, a news website in the town of Preveza reported. It was not clear when the trial was held.

She had initially asked the court to postpone her trial saying she had a heart condition but the court dismissed the medical certificate she provided and convicted her in absentia.

Her lawyer has submitted an appeal which will be tried on March 5.

A similar case in the city of Volos last year, in which a 53-year-old cleaner was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the same crime, caused an uproar as it was widely viewed as too severe.

In that case, the Supreme Court intervened to suspend the sentence, while it re-examines the the lower court's decision to convict.