Student dumps baby girl for fear of parents

A young Athens student was arrested yesterday on suspicion of having abandoned her newborn baby girl at the entrance of her block of flats. Residents of the building on 4-6 Drossopoulou Street, in the central Athens district of Kypseli, woke just after 6 a.m. to the sound of a baby’s loud wailing. The infant was found wrapped in a sheet on the first-floor corridor, crying lustily. Neighbors called the police and an ambulance, which took the baby to a hospital where doctors pronounced it to be in fine health. Police said a young resident admitted to having given birth in her flat and then abandoning the infant out of fear of her family – from which she had kept her pregnancy secret – and in the hope that it might be adopted by people in a position to take better care of the baby than she could. The woman, a student from a provincial town, was hospitalized but not in danger.