Municipal authority seeks protection of Athens skyline


The Athens municipal authority on Tuesday called on the government to amend new zoning regulations that threaten to inundate the Greek capital's skyline with tall buildings that obstruct views of its most important monument.

The law “does not adequately protect landmarks and parts of Athens with great historic and symbolic value,” the City of Athens said in a petition that comes in the wake of a growing public protest campaign against the construction of a 10-story building in the area of Makriyianni at the foot of the Acropolis, which is obstructing views of the Parthenon on top.

According to the municipal authority, the construction of the hotel and a second similar building in the area, “underscores the need to change the present legislative code.”

“Until then, the Culture Ministry must take back its decision for the construction of the building between Misarliotou and Tsami Karatasou streets,” the municipality said in its announcement, referring to the second of the two disputed buildings, which is still the early phases of construction, unlike the first at Falirou Street, which is almost complete.

Referring to that project, the City of Athens said that it was granted a building license in 2017 following five separate approvals from the Ministry of Culture and two from the Council of Architecture. The question of its height, the municipality added, was determined by a ruling of the Athens Administrative Appeals Court, which overruled a complaint from an Environment Ministry council for zoning issues and disputes.