Prosecutor asks MPs to lift immunity of former deputy health minister


A corruption prosecutor investigating damages to Greece’s main national healthcare provider EOPYY through the overpricing of certain medical procedures has asked Parliament to lift the immunity of former alternate health minister Marios Salmas, so that he can be called in for questioning.

The case concerns the overpricing of diagnostic arthroscopies and the investigated charge is a possible instigation to breach of faith against the former New Democracy minister, with the aggravating provisions of the law against state embezzlers.

State auditors checked about 543 medical referrals issued to EOPYY which either didn't have the signature of the insured or they lacked the stamp of the health provider.

The audit also showed that from July 2015 to the end of August 2016, EOPYY paid 554,458 euros for referrals, many of which were not lawful.