Ministry announces dozens of hirings for Greece’s prisons


Greece's Justice Ministry on Tuesday announced plans to hire 639 people to work at the country's understaffed prisons, where wardens and guards have often complained of being unable to cope with growing inmate populations.

According to the ministry's announcement, the prison of Drama in northern Greece will be getting 258 new staff members, while the remaining 381 positions will be for guards, medics, nurses, social workers, psychologists, sociologists, criminologists, engineers, IT and administrators, among others, in other parts of the country.

The new jobs will be filled via the ASEP public hiring mechanism.

The ministry said the initiative is aimed at bolstering security at the country's correctional facilities, but also at ensuring the “humane treatment of inmates with the objective of social rehabilitation.”

Greece has come under criticism from the European Commission and rights groups concerning the conditions of its prisons.