Pedestrian lives at risk in Attica

Nearly one in three people killed in road accidents in Attica this year was a pedestrian, according to traffic police statistics released yesterday. From January 1 to the end of May, 143 people died in such accidents, 19 were seriously injured and a further 30 were lightly hurt, traffic police said. Out of the death total, 44 people (30.77 percent) were pedestrians, 43 (30.07 percent) were motorcyclists, 34 (23.78 percent) were car drivers, 17 (11.89 percent) were passengers in cars and other four-wheeled vehicles, four were driving other four-wheeled vehicles and one was a passenger on a motorbike. Most of the dead fell within the 20-40 age group, followed by those aged over 60. Four of the pedestrians had been drunk and one had taken drugs. Out of the motorists, 10 had been drunk and three had been high on drugs. Only three of the motorcyclists had indisputably been wearing crash helmets, and 16 had not. Police said it was impossible to say whether the others had been wearing a helmet or just carrying it on their arm.