Tsipras says gov’t will complete term, vows win against ‘elites’


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday reiterated his intention to complete his four-year term in office, adding that the conservative main opposition will be defeated in the general elections.

“They should not expect us to make them the favor of bring forward national elections,” he told a meeting of ruling SYRIZA's parliamentary group.

“They will swallow the bitter pills one by one. First they will face the resounding rejection in the European elections and then, in the autumn, it will be the final and definitive defeat in the national elections. [It will be] the great victory of progress versus conservatism, of the Greece of the many versus the Greece of the elites,” he said.

Tsipras blasted New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his associates are “representatives and exponents of the elite” who dream of a country where “few will thrive and the majority will suffer.”

He also rejected the validity of the polls showing a clear lead for the main opposition, describing them as a “big deception.”

“Prime ministers are not elected by their businessmen friends and media owners, or by their pollster friends, but by the Greek people with their vote,” he said.