German woman charged with murder of partner remanded in custody


A German woman accused of murdering her Greek partner was remanded in custody on Wednesday after appearing before an investigative magistrate.

The 56-year-old woman is accused of killing her 64-year-old partner at their home in Halandri, northern Athens, by slipping tranquilizer pills into his orange juice.

According to reports, she told the magistrate that she had wanted to calm her partner down after an argument and had no intention of killing him.

Her lawyer said she has asked to see the results of the coroner’s report and toxicology exams so as to ascertain the exact cause of death. The suspect also claims that the victim had chronic health problems.

The lawyer said that he has requested a psychiatric evaluation of his client, who admitted to keeping her partner’s dead body at home for 10 days and slept with it before catching a flight to Germany.

The corpse was found in the couple’s home in February by police after neighbors complained about the smell.

Media reports said he died two months earlier.