KAS recalls decision to allow tall building near Acropolis


The board of the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) recalled its decision to allow a construction company to erect a new nine-floor building near the Acropolis, saying it would obstruct the view of the Acropolis Hill.

The decision followed a KAS inspection of the property on the corner of Misaraliotou and Karatasi Streets in the central Athens district of Koukaki on March 4, when it was found that the building (about 32 meters high) is not in harmony with the buildings in the area.

KAS had initially green-lighted the construction on September 25 last year but a growing public protest campaign launched by residents in nearby Makrygianni forced authorities to re-examine the licenses granted.

The same residents are also protesting against and the legality of a recently constructed 10-floor hotel on Falirou Street.

In February, the Environment Ministry suspended all building licenses in the area around the Acropolis.