Working in a struck building


Fiona Hayes, the London-based art director of Condé Nast International, which, together with Kathimerini, are launching Vogue Greece later in March, posted on her Instagram the above photo, also commenting on the terrorist attack Kathimerini's, and SKAI's, building suffered last December. She wrote the following:

Still life with bomb damage (next to the Editor’s desk @voguegreece) Everyone assumes that the glossy magazine world is exactly that  glossy. But a lot of the time our beautiful brands are created by teams working in, let’s say, challenging conditions. And there’s not much more challenging when you’re trying to launch a Vogue than having your office firebombed by terrorists, amarite? That’s what happened in Athens in December (thankfully no one was hurt). The front of the building is still covered in scaffolding and tarpaulin, hence the blue view from the editorial office. Shout out to the indomitable #voguegreece team closing the launch issue, you’re fashion heroes #welovemagazines #printsnotdead