Elliniko a ‘symbol of SYRIZA’s failure in development,’ says ND chief


The sputtering privatization of a prime piece of real estate that used to be home to Athens's international airport on the southern coast of the Greek capital is a “symbol of SYRIZA's failure in development,” New Democracy opposition chief Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during a visit to the site on Tuesday.

“There should be tens of thousands of our countrymen working on this site today so that the old airport could be an emblematic development project symbolizing the new Greece that lies ahead. Instead, we are faced with a scene of forlorn abandonment,” said the conservative leader, who was shown around the area by the mayor of Elliniko and Argyroupoli, Yiannis Constantatos.

“SYRIZA never thought of Elliniko as a top development projects. This is why it continues to this day to erect hurdles to the completion of this investment,” Mitsotakis added, saying that if he is elected to government, he will make the 1-billion-euro project one of his top priorities.