State broadcaster an ‘unmanned ship,’ say workers


The union of workers at ERT on Wednesday likened the state-run television and radio broadcaster to an “unmanned ship that has become the laughing stock of society.”

In an announcement, EEERT accused the state-owned company's new management of nepotism, cronyism and favoritism, saying that it has failed to address systemic weaknesses that also permeated the former board it was appointed to replace.

It also accused the POSPERT union of television workers (excluding journalists) of abuse of power and pandering to management.

The complaint comes just months after a new board was appointed to ostensibly purge the the state broadcaster – which had been shut down under the previous conservative government as a result of years of financial mismanagement and over-staffing before being relaunched by leftist SYRIZA in June 2015 after two years off the air – of poor management practices.