Efforts continue to repair Crete power plant


Repair crews worked into the night on Friday to repair the damage from a blast at a Public Power Corporation plant in Iraklio on Crete, which had left many parts of the island region without electricity for several hours, including its industrial zone and the city center.

Experts are investigating the cause of the explosion at the plant, which is one of three serving the island of some 630,000 residents. Iraklio is drawing power from Hania while its unit is repaired.

Initial reports suggested the problem lay with a backup transformer used after the plant’s main transformer malfunctioned.

“[The backup transformer] was throwing out sparks,” said Crete Regional Governor Stavros Arnaoutakis. “Workers doused it with water and the fire service responded quickly so the fire did not spread and cause more problems.”

Arnaoutakis said the incident underscores the need for the island’s power interconnection with the mainland by undersea cable to be completed as soon as possible.