Defense Minister’s March 25th message


On the occasion of the 198th anniversary of the beginning of the War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire, the Minister of Defense, retired Adm. Evangelos Apostolakis has called for “unity, concord and consensus” to face difficulties and move forward.

“Τhe anniversary of March 25, 1821 is not just a day of memory and pride for the Greek struggle against the Ottoman yoke, but also a reminder of what a people can achieve with unity and concord, when circumstances demand it,” Apostolakis said in his order of the day.

Addressing the armed forces, Apostolakis noted that “the escalating challenges and new security demands in our wider area make it even more imperative to be  on alert, composed and decisive.”

Apostolakis said that “together our sister country Cyprus, our country promotes dialogue on security among countries in the wider Balkans and the southeastern Mediterranean,” calling Greece a “pillar of stability.”