Clashes outside Corinth court over killing of alleged would-be robber


A group of people clashed with police outside the courthouse in the city of Corinth on Tuesday, when they tried to enter the building to protest the killing of an alleged would-be robber on Sunday.

The 35-year-old alleged shooter was expected to appear before a prosecutor on Tuesday to respond to charges of murder.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon when, according to police, two men, aged 52 and 54 and identified as Roma, allegedly tried to steal chickens from the yard of the 35-year-old suspect’s house in the area of Solomos.

The owner of the property saw them and shot them with a riffle, fatally injuring the 52-year-old victim, while his friend fled. Relatives of the 54-year-old reported the incident to the police, who discovered the body of the victim dumped in a nearby quarry and arrested the suspect.

Officers were also stationed outside the house of the suspect in Solomos where a group of people had gathered to protest the shooting.