Athenians spoilt for a choice of cinemas

Athenians are among the most privileged Europeans as far as access to cinemas is concerned, according to new Eurostat figures released yesterday. The survey of 204 cities across the 25 European Union members, which also included bloc hopefuls Bulgaria and Romania, conducted by the EU’s official statistics service, ranked Athens fourth with 44 cinema seats per 1,000 residents. Thessaloniki, which hosts an annual international film festival, came seventh at 38.4. Luxembourg topped the list with 48 seats per 1,000 inhabitants, while Venice came last with 3.3. Eurostat’s «Urban audit» also looked into population age and unemployment in over 200 EU cities. In Greece, Patras registered the worst unemployment figures – 16.1 percent – while the largest percentage of residents aged under 15 was in Iraklion (18.2 percent).