Police to help crack down on crime on public transport


In a bid to curb a spate of public transport attacks and vandalism over the past few months, the Greek Police (ELAS) is to position officers at bus stops where vehicles have been targeted as well as beefing up security at metro stations in the capital and even intervening in instances of ticket inspectors facing harassment.

The cooperation between ELAS and the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) was agreed at the end of last year, and sealed with a joint decision by the Transport and Citizens’ Protection ministries.

Officers are to be assigned to the bus routes most favored by vandals, notably those running along Patission Street close to the anarchist stronghold of Exarchia.

An undetermined number of officers will also be sent to Athens metro stations with the aim of deterring would-be vandals while police will conduct spoat inspections on buses to discourage fare dodgers.