Modern waste management facility launched in Epirus


The region of Epirus in northwestern Greece is setting the bar for the rest of the country in terms of waste management with the formal launch of a state-of-the-art unit through the collaboration of the private and state sectors.

The unit in the Ioannina area will serve 18 municipalities across Epirus, authorities said. It has been fully operational since December 17 last year, receiving 1,500 tons of composite waste per week.

It began its commercial operation on Wednesday and charges a fee for use by the region’s municipalities after having been certified by an environmental inspector.

The unit, which includes a sorting and recycling facility and a biogas power plant, is the second to start operating in Greece through public-private partnerships – after that in Kozani, northern Greece, which serves 12 municipalities in Western Macedonia.

“With this unit, Epirus has turned a page in waste management in an exemplary way,” said Deputy Regional Governor Tatiana Kaloyianni.