Anarchists firebomb PASOK offices in central Athens


A group of self-styled anarchists firebombed the headquarters of socialist PASOK party in central Athens on Tuesday night, following a march to demand a prison leave for convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas.

About 700 people are estimated to have participated in the march through central Athens. After its completion, several people walked towards Emmanouil Benaki Street near the district of Exarchia and hurled petrol bombs at the party's offices.

The march is being held to protest a decision by judicial authorities denying Koufodinas, a hitman for November 17 terror group, what would have been his seventh leave of absence from prison in less than two years.

Koufodinas went on hunger strike at the start of the month in order to pressure authorities into granting his request. He was turned down last week on the grounds that he has never expressed remorse for this crimes, which include the assassination of 11 people for the N17 extreme left terrorist organization.