Kammenos defends ANEL legacy ahead of elections


Former defense minister Panos Kammenos has defended the political legacy of his Independent Greeks (ANEL) party during its now-defunct coalition with the incumbent SYRIZA leftists, ahead of municipal and European Parliament elections this weekend.

“Above all is the unity of the nation, and ANEL was able to safeguard it for four years,” Kammenos said during a visit to the nationalist party’s election campaign kiosk in Athens on Saturday.

“This must continue now that we have exited the bailout programs,” Kammenos said, adding that “Greek men and women must remain united in the face of rising instability in the region.”

ANEL left the SYRIZA-led coalition after objecting to the North Macedonia name deal struck between Athens and Skopje.

The party is polling below the 3 percent threshold for parliamentary representation.