With polls looming, Greek PM says intends to distribute Christmas bonus


Just six days before local authority and European Parliament elections, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras suggested that his government aimed to distribute a Christmas bonus in addition to a series of handouts announced in recent weeks.

In comments to News 24/7 radio station, Tsipras also suggested that the prevalence of conservative forces in the elections would pose a risk to the social benefits heralded by his administration.

"If the forces that are fixated on austerity prevail then we will have problems," he said. "For example, if Mr Weber wins, he will call the Greek prime minister and tell him that he doesn't approve the package of positive measures," Tsipras said, referring to the European People's Candidate for European Commission President Manfred Weber.

He described the upcoming elections as a "vote of confidence" in the measures and the 13th pension, referring to a benefit for pensioners that he reinstated.

The 13th pension, he said, was given to 2.5 pensioners. "Our goal is for an equivalent sum to be given at Christmas too," he said.