Tsipras says voters must ‘close the path’ to divisive forces


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urges Greek voters to “close the path to those forces who do not hesitate…to divide people,” during a campaign rally in the northern port city of Thessaloniki on Wednesday night.

In an indirect reference to the deal achieved with North Macedonia last year to resolve the name dispute, Tsipras said Thessaloniki and Macedonia was used "for an experiment in national divisiveness which must fail, and it will fail with your participation in our fight and Sunday's ballot.”

Recounting his government's track record, he said that as the economy grows, Greeks will "taste the fruit of their labor.”

He defended the handouts announced during the campaign, saying “they are not small gifts and bonuses,” but money that are returned to those who suffered during the 10-year economic crisis.

Tsipras called for unity to safeguard what the government has achieved and prevent the “attempt to restore the old status quo.”