Supreme Court issues guidelines to extend hours at busy polling stations


The Supreme Court on Sunday evening issued guidelines granting an extension to polling stations where constituents were still lining up to vote after the official 7 p.m. closing time.

According to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, dozens of polling stations across the country had a backlog of voters waiting to cast their ballots in elections for European Parliament, as well as regional and local government.

Early estimates suggested that turnout was high at all of Greece's 39,063 polling stations, with delays also reported as a result of a shortage of electoral clerks in some constituencies. Some reports suggested that citizens were pulled in at the last minute at some stations where clerks had failed to turn up.

Greece's electoral roll has 9,922,294 registered voters, of which 4,810,075 are men and 5,112,219 women, according to the ANA-MPA. The total number of candidates in Sunday's polls came to 78,864.