General elections will be a battle between ‘elites’ and ‘regular people,’ says minister


Migration Policy Minister Dimitris Vitsas framed the upcoming general elections in Greece as a battle between the “elites” and “regular people” during an interview with radio station Sto Kokkino on Tuesday.

After the conservative main opposition left the government trailing more than nine percent in Sunday's EU, local and regional elections, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced snap elections, saying the result “is not worthy of our expectations.”

The new polls are expected to be held at the end of June, or on July 7.

“The national elections will be a battle of two worlds that doesn't stop. The battle of the few, the elites [and] those who have economic and social power, with Democracy, with the overwhelming majority of 99 percent…with the regular people,” he said.

Vitsas pointed to a meeting of SYRIZA delegates on Monday in which Tsipras tried to rally the spirits of the party, saying the government must present its “positive agenda” to the people – a list of its accomplishments since it rose to power in 2015 – and its plan for the future.