Burmese wins half a million on Greece bet

LONDON (Reuters) – A mystery gambler who won 332,625 pounds (498,128 euros) when Greece were crowned European champions on Sunday was revealed on Monday as a 34-year-old Burmese businessman, not a Greek football fan. The man placed a series of wagers with William Hill bookmakers in Woking, just outside London, starting with 4,000 pounds at 50-1 on June 23 and culminating with a 12,500-pound bet on Sunday when Greece were a 9-4 chance to beat tournament hosts Portugal. «He decided to back Greece rather than England after being impressed with the Greek defense in their early games,» said William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe. «He is back at work today but I believe he is considering a holiday – probably in Greece.» At the beginning of the tournament, the odds against Greece winning were 80-1.