ELA terror trial in final stretch

With four weeks to go before the 18-month pre-sentencing detention period expires for three suspected Revolutionary Popular Struggle (ELA) terrorists, the last defense witnesses in the ongoing ELA trial testified yesterday. After one day’s break, the five alleged left-wing terrorists will take the stand on Thursday. Defense lawyers yesterday requested a two-day recess to allow their clients more time to prepare their testimony, but presiding judge Elissavet Brilli refused, arguing that time was at a premium. The court will be forced to release the three detained suspects – out of the other two, the one was released on grounds of poor health and the other was never imprisoned – unless a verdict has been delivered by the first week of August. Greek authorities fear a major public relations embarrassment should all five suspects be free during the Olympic Games. The suspects, four men and a woman, are charged with involvement in two assassinations and dozens of bombings.