Couple arrested in Thessaloniki for drug dealing


Thessaloniki’s drug enforcement unit on Thursday arrested a couple in the district of Analipsi who had allegedly been selling drugs hidden on a bicycle, the Athens-Macedonian News Agency reported.

The suspects, a 57-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman, had allegedly stashed 10 small packages of cocaine totaling 10.9 grams inside the front headlight.

A search of the pair turned up eight more packages containing 4 grams of cocaine. Subsequent raids on two apartments and a rooftop warehouse led to the discovery of another 16 packages of cocaine weighing 16 grams, along with 4,500 euros in cash, two precision scales and mobile phones.

Police also arrested two men, aged 28 and 34, alleged to have purchased cocaine from the couple.

All four suspects were to appear before a prosecutor on Thursday.