Highlight shows

– National Archaeological Museum: Permanent collection. – Museum of Cycladic Art: «Magna Graecia: Athletics and the Olympic Spirit in the Periphery of the Hellenic World,» until October 2. – Benaki Museum – New Building: «Periplus: 12 Magnum Photographers in Contemporary Greece,» to August 30. «Ptychoseis: Fashion From Ancient Greece to the 21st Century,» until October 17. «Indigenous Australia Now,» from July 1 to September 5. – National Art Gallery: «Six Leading Sculptures in Conversation with Man,» until September 20. – DESTE: «Monument to Now,» Nea Ionia and Neo Psychico, until December 31. – Athens Academy: «In Praise of the Olive Tree,» until Ocober 15. – Athens City Museum: «Views of Athens by Modern Greek Painters,» until September 30. «Famous Travelers in Athens, 15th-19th Centuries,» until year’s end. – Bernier/Eliades Gallery: «Thirteen Hooligan Pictures,» by Gilbert & George, until September 18. – Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art, Andros: «Picasso and Greece,» until September 26.