Pyatt urges Turkey to refrain from provocative actions


Amid growing tension caused by Turkey’s plans for offshore drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean, US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt on Tuesday called on Ankara to refrain from provocative actions and return to dialogue.

“The United States and the European Union share a perspective on developments in the waters off of Cyprus, and in particular, our shared interest in avoiding any further provocative actions by Turkey,” Pyatt said.

“Now is a time for dialogue and not for further escalatory, provocative actions,” he added.

Pyatt was speaking during a ceremony at the Stefanovikeio air base in the Greek region of Magnesia to mark the delivery of 70 Kiowa Warrior helicopters and last of 10 Chinook transport helicopters purchased under the US Foreign Military Sales program. The ceremony was attended by Ann Cataldo, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation.

“This program is an important symbol of America’s commitment to our alliance with Greece and to deepening that defense relationship,” Pyatt said.

“We are very grateful and very proud of the alliance that we’re building and our shared interests,” he said.