Prefect hits Israeli with insults

Israeli Ambassador Ram Aviram was subjected to a boorish tirade by the prefect of Hania yesterday and walked out of a meeting at the provincial government offices when Prefect Giorgos Katsanevakis called him a warmonger, his prime minister the «anti-Christ» and President George W. Bush «the global terrorist,» the Athens News Agency reported. Aviram, who served as a close aide to former Labor Prime Minister Shimon, attended a performance of Euripides’ anti-war tragedy «The Trojan Women» in the Cretan city on Thursday. Yesterday he paid a courtesy call on Katsanevakis. After part of the regional official’s verbal assault, Aviram commented: «I do not believe that the people of Hania see the Israeli prime minister as the anti-Christ. Such descriptions are not in keeping with a civilized society.» Katsanevakis, however, continued. «The people of Hania feel that as long as (Ariel) Sharon is the organ of the global terrorist Bush and daily sows murder, poverty, destruction, injustice and terror in Palestine, he does not contribute to peace,» he said. Aviram then walked out.