Judicial council rejects, for third time, N17 terrorist Koufodinas’ request for 7th furlough


A Greek judicial council on Friday issued a third rejection of an application by convicted November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas for a seventh furlough.

The judges on the Volos-based council unanimously adopted the proposal of a prosecutor who had proposed that Koufodinas' appeal be rejected on the grounds that he has shown no remorse for his terrorist activities.

The decision came despite a recent Supreme Court ruling according to which Koufodinas' lack of remorse should not influence his eligibility for furloughs.

The top court's reasoning, which had been in line with its top prosecutor's recommendation, had fueled widespread criticism. Ultimately, however, it failed to influence the Volos-based judges.

Similarly, the transformation of the charge of insurgency – which Koufodinas also faces in connection with a prison-based protest – from a felony to a misdemeanor, in a new penal code, does not appear to have influenced the Volos judges.

The new penal code also has a provision allowing convicted terrorists to apply for early conditional release provided they have served 17 years behind bars. Koufodinas will be eligible to apply in September while four of his fellow N17 members are already eligible.