Citizens’ Protection Minister outlines four priorities


Citizens' Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis outlined four priorities during a speech in Parliament on the weekend ahead of Monday's vote of confidence in the government.

The priorities are to include boosting citizens' sense of safety by cracking down more effectively on crime, bolstering border inspections to curb illegal immigration, upgrading  the country's response to natural disasters and modernizing the penitentiary system.

Four words are emblematic of the areas that need to change, he said, referring to the main reception center for migrants on Lesvos, last year's disastrous wild fires in eastern Attica, the anarchist hangout of Exarchia and the capital's high-security prison.

"Moria in immigration, Mati as regards civil protection, Exarchia as regards curbing lawlessness and Korydallos in terms of penitentiary systems," he said.

"We will change all these things and is quickly as possible. Not out of vindictiveness or political expediency. But because we want better democracy, and without safety there is no democracy."