50 Minoan graves found in Hania suburb

Greek archaeologists have found 50 graves dating from the Late Minoan period in the Hania suburb of Aghios Ioannis on the island of Crete, bringing the total number of Minoan graves found in Hania prefecture to over 150. The artifacts found in the graves, part of the cemetery of ancient Kydonia, included bronze weapons, swords and other weapons, pots and jewelry, indicating the typical Minoan-type burials for warriors, according to Maria Vlazaki, head of the local archaeology authority. They date from 1400-1300 BC. Other family tombs contained funerary offerings, including ceramic and copper pots, weapons, tools and jewelry, and were of the usual Kydonia type from a slightly later period (mid-14th – early 13th century BC). Vlazaki said the early 14th century was when the Mycenaeans arrived in Crete and Kydonia developed into a major center.