Greek ex-Olympics chief to head nation’s bicentenary party


Greece’s new government has picked the organizing chief of the Athens 2004 Olympics to head preparations to mark the bicentenary of the 19th-century revolt against Ottoman Turkey that led to creation of the modern Greek state.

Businesswoman Gianna Angelopoulos’ appointment was announced following her meeting Wednesday with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

A statement from Mitsotakis’ office said the 2021 celebrations would allow Greece “to reintroduce itself” to the world after its long financial crisis.

It said events would be staged in Athens, regional Greek towns and cities abroad.

Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire nine years after the 1821 revolution.

Angelopoulos, a former lawmaker in Mitsotakis’ conservative party, is credited with making a success of the 2004 Games after delays by previous organizers nearly wrecked the costly project. [AP]