Restricted access to Piraeus

In August, as part of Olympic security measures, individuals and vehicles will only be able to access the port area of Piraeus if they have tickets for travel or special passes, according to new Port Authority restrictions announced last Friday. Those wanting to send a vehicle by ferry will have to present a receipt for the delivery, according to the measures, which will apply from August 2 to 31. The Piraeus Port Authority will issue special licenses for site and ferry employees and other authorized personnel, and for fuel trucks and other vehicles that need to access the port. Meanwhile, Public Order Minister Giorgos Voulgarakis said he had no reason to comment on «scenaria that have absolutely no relation with reality,» with regard to a report in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica which said that Piraeus is a likely terrorist target for the Olympics, the Athens News Agency reported yesterday. This assessment was based on terror scenarios allegedly listed in a file sent by the Greek secret services to fellow NATO members, the report said.