Lawmakers to debate bill on reorganizing administration on Monday


A bill seeking to streamline the administration, ensure its effective functioning regardless of changes in government and guarantee transparency enters the Parliament plenum on Monday.

The bill sets out to codify, in a single piece of legislation, all the provisions governing the organization, operation and transparency of the government, government bodies and central public administration.

Under the new legislation that has been put to lawmakers, cabinet will meet on a regular basis to coordinate and facilitate implementation of initiatives that will be designed according to a central government plan, while working committees will be set up to prepare items for the discussion agenda.

The new bill also aims to separate the roles of the government from the state administration to ensure the state’s continuity.

The government will also be establishing a new National Transparency Authority that will act as an umbrella for disparate agencies tasked with tackling graft, such as the general inspectors of public administration and public works, as well as streamlining the legislative process.

In a similar vein, each ministry will be assigned an executive general secretary who will not be a political appointment, but will be selected via the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP).

This is the second bill of the new conservative government, following legislation last week to reduce various taxes.