SYRIZA urges gov’t to withdraw contentious amendment


Leftist SYRIZA opposition on Wednesday urged the government to withdraw an amendment that stipulates the dismissal of members and staff of the Competition Commission, an independent authority, if they have recently served in government bodies.

The provision is widely seen as a bid to force Vassiliki Thanou, who served as legal adviser to ex prime minister Alexis Tsipras, out of the authority.

In a statement, SYRIZA said the amendment violates European Union law and urged the government to put an end to what it described as a “legal and institutional humiliation.”

In comments earlier Wednesday, Thanou, a former president of the Supreme Court, said she would not step down over the provision.

“My resignation would be tantamount to assenting to the unlawful implementation of a provision. I will therefore not resign,” Thanou told Antenna TV.