Ileia and Crete rattled by separate tremors


The region of Ileia in the southern Peloponnese was shaken by a 4.6-magnitude quake just before 1 a.m. on Saturday morning.

According to the Athens Geodynamic Institute, the temblor’s epicenter was in the Ionian Sea, 53 kilometers southwest of the town of Kyparissia at a depth of 3.5 kilometers.

The quake was felt in Gargalianoi, Marathopoli, Kyparissia and other areas of Messinia and Ileia.

Another moderate 3.9-magnitude tremor was also felt on Crete on Saturday morning. Its epicenter was 53 kilometers southeast of Timpaki on the island’s south coast at a depth of 12.4 kilometers.

No damage was reported from either quake.