Hospital worker fined 100 euros for smoking on premises


Attica public health inspectors have imposed a financial penalty on an employee of the capital's G. Gennimata hospital after she was found to be smoking on the premises during an inspection on August 8, it emerged on Friday. 

According to a report on, the woman was caught smoking in the hospital's infectious diseases unit following complaints about violations of the public smoking ban made by the activist Andreas Bardakis of the Ombudsman for the Disabled.

The employee was fined 100 euros in line with a ban on smoking in public areas – which Greece formally adopted 10 years ago but has only patchily enforced. The new center-right government has pledged to meticulously enforce the smolkinbg ban. Her supervisor had been absent on vacation at the time of the offense, according to reports. 

Workers found to be smoking in hospitals will face a 100-euro fine while their supervisors will be slapped with a 500-euro penalty, according to the provisions of the smoking ban.