6-year-old boy slain by sister

A 24-year-old woman was being questioned late yesterday on suspicion of having murdered her 6-year-old brother in their home in Kypseli, central Athens, Monday evening. According to the police investigation, which has yet to be completed, Eleni Kalogyrou allegedly killed her brother Dionysis by cutting his throat and then burning him in the kitchen oven. The boy had spent the evening at a local playground with his father, Theodoros, who does not live with the family, and who brought the boy home at about 9 p.m. The mother and an older son, 26-year-old Christos, then went out, leaving Dionysis with his sister. When Christos came home, he found the boy’s body and called relatives. The boy had burns on his face, arms and legs. Apparently both the child’s mother and his sister were known to be suffering from psychological disorders. Police took Eleni to the Aiginiteio Psychiatric Hospital for evaluation early yesterday. Later, she was brought before an investigating magistrate.