Police authorities beefing up nationwide prison security


Security at prisons across the country has reportedly passed into the hands of the higher echelons of the Greek Police (ELAS).

According to reliable sources, a senior ELAS official, Major General Spyros Sklavos, was appointed to the leadership of the department tasked with the external security of prisons just a few days ago.

The post was also occupied by a police officer in the past, but this is the first time a high-ranking official has been appointed.

The decision to appoint Sklavos was reportedly taken by Deputy Minister for Citizens’ Protection Lefteris Economou, who is in charge of the country’s penitentiaries.

Government sources have told Kathimerini that the ministry’s intention is to strengthen security forces with more personnel. ELAS will help to boost security inside prisons too.

“Apart from guarding prisons externally and [conducting prisoner] transfers, the department will conduct regular checks of the cells,” a Citizens’ Protection Ministry official said.