Riot police raid anarchist haunt in Exarchia


Riot police raided an anarchist haunt in the central Athens district of Exarchia late Thursday and early on Friday as tensions continue to mount in the area. 

According to reports, police used stun grenades and teargas inside the Vox cafe, also known as the informal headquarters of the Rouvikonas anti-establishment group.
One person reportedly sustained head injuries in the operation. 

“As a result of the attack, people were injured, some seriously and needed stitches. Riot police threw teargas into the Vox as they retreated,” a Rouvikonas member claimed in a Facebook post.

In response to claims that riot units overstepped their authority, the Greek Police (ELAS) said in a statement that its operations are always conducted “within the framework of the law and with respect to democratic principles.”  

“They (police officers) did the same on Friday despite the provocations and attacks they came under,” it said. 

The Vox operation followed an attack by self-styled anarchists on riot units in the area shortly after midnight on Thursday. ELAS said they hurled some 80 firebombs.

Meanwhile on Wednesday night, members of French anti-establishment groups damaged the Greek Consulate in Nantes in protest at a series of operations in Exarchia by ELAS since the beginning of the month to clear abandoned buildings occupied by anarchists.