Judicial officials pave way for eviction of anarchists from Vox cafe


Judicial officials have given the go-ahead for the eviction of anarchists from the Vox cafe in the capital's downtown Exarchia district, the unofficial headquarters of the anarchist group Rouvikonas, known for their attacks of vandalism against government, business and foreign diplomatic targets, Kathimerini has learned. 

The Athens court of first instance last month asked the security police to determine whether the punishable offenses are being committed in the occupied building. Police and judicial officials believe this move will counteract the reluctance of the Social Security Foundation (IKA), which owns the building, to seek the eviction of its occupants. 

Police have ramped up a crackdown in the area in recent weeks as part of the center-right government's law and order campaign. 

Meanwhile Rouvikonas members have declared on social media that they are ready to defend the squat should there be another intervention. 

Last month, riot police officers raided Vox, using stun grenades and teargas inside the cafe.